Make Calls & Knock Doors

As we get into the final days before voting starts, we here at the Bennet field team need your help now more than ever to make sure every voter knows Michael is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump and actually make progress for America’s families. Every conversation you have with a voter brings us one step closer to making Trump a one-term president.

Here are the two most important ways to get involved:

Knock doors in New Hampshire as part of a Day of Action 

Bennet for America supporters from around the country are traveling to join forces on the ground in New Hampshire to knock doors and share why we support Michael as our next president.

Sign up to join us in New Hampshire on any of the following days:
Saturday, February 1
Sunday, February 2
Saturday, February 8
Sunday, February 9
Monday, February 10
Tuesday, February 11

Join a nightly virtual phone bank from the comfort of your own couch

Sign up now to participate in a phone bank between now and the New Hampshire primary to share why you support Michael. We’ll provide all the training you need, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Donate Now!

Donate now to keep Michael Bennet fighting for us in the Senate!

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