Bennet Campaign Touts Unaffiliated Voter Support in Second TV Ad Ahead of the General Election

News | Press Releases | 08.2.22

As Colorado’s US Senator, Michael Bennet is a champion for protecting our public lands. He is reaching audiences with this message in his campaign’s second major ad buy ahead of the general election. 

August 2, 2022 – DENVER – Today, Michael Bennet launched his second TV ad which focuses on his accomplishments in the US Senate to protect Colorado’s public lands and his ability to work across the aisle to get things done. In the ad, titled Reel Focused, Greg Felt, a fly fishing outfitter who is registered as an unaffiliated voter, explains why he plans to support Michael this November. “We all know what happens when a Senator goes to Washington. Special interests get their hooks in em’ and they get caught in the mess. But not Michael Bennet. He’s always focused on Colorado,” Greg says during the ad.

As Colorado’s US Senator, Michael has hammered out compromises with broad coalitions of Coloradans on the ground to develop and pass legislation to protect our public lands for future generations. Just this year, he passed legislation to establish Amache, a former Japanese-American internment camp, as a National Historic Site.

And, the historic bipartisan infrastructure law, which Michael helped pass, secured hundreds of millions of dollars to help states like Colorado recover from devastating wildfires, and included his legislation to restore forests and grasslands, reduce wildfire risk and protect water supplies. Michael is also fighting to pass his Outdoor Restoration Partnership Act, which would promote forest and watershed health, mitigate the risk of wildfires and create good-paying jobs.

Michael champions this work because he knows protecting public lands is something all Coloradans value, regardless of political affiliation. His second campaign ad showcases how his work in the US Senate has helped protect Colorado’s outdoor spaces, boost our outdoor economy and tackle climate change.

“I’m not a Democrat, but I know Michael doesn’t take the bait from Washington. He works for Colorado,” Greg explains in the TV ad. “He’s leading the fight to defend our way of life. Protecting our public lands. Promoting forest and watershed health. And supporting businesses like mine.”

This second ad buy comes shortly after Michael released his first general election TV ad; the new Reel Focused ad will air over the next two weeks on broadcast networks in Denver and Colorado Springs, and will include a digital spend.

Screenshot from Michael’s second general election campaign TV ad. Michael and Greg Felt, a Colorado fly fishing outfitter who is a registered unaffiliated voter, enjoyed some fly fishing on the Arkansas River.

Watch Michael’s second campaign TV ad for the general election, here.



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