Eight Editorial Boards Endorse Michael Bennet Ahead of Election Day

News | Press Releases | 11.7.22

Editorial boards across the state have praised Michael for his recording of delivering for Colorado 

DENVER, CO ⁠⁠— As Michael crisscrosses the state to engage with Coloradans, eight local newspaper editorial boards have endorsed his reelection campaign.

From mountain towns to the Western Slope to Southwest Colorado and the Denver Metro Area, editorial boards endorsed Michael for his record of effectively delivering for Coloradans, no matter where they live in the state.

From his expanded Child Tax Credit to protecting Colorado’s public lands, Michael’s major victories have touched every part of the state.

Highlights from Michael’s editorial board endorsements:

  • The Denver Post:  “Bennet has become a trusted leader on many issues — the crisis on the southern border, Russia’s deadly aggressions in Ukraine, America’s booming inflation and looming recession — and it is because of our faith that he will continue to advocate for America’s and Colorado’s best interests that we recommend Colorado voters give him another six years in office.”

  • The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: “Democrat Michael Bennet is not your average senator. He treats this office with reverence and works hard to deliver for the people of this state…We saw early in his tenure the type of leader he is when he was brought into the Gang of Eight to fashion an immigration solution. He lets local communities drive the agenda and works collaboratively with both parties as we witnessed in his work to bring the BLM Headquarters to Grand Junction.”

  • Sentinel Colorado: “If you need someone to entrust your life, and the lives of everyone around you, in as treacherous a place as the U.S. Senate, you need Michael Bennet…Bennet’s long and well-documented track record in the Senate as a successful and persistent advocate for the working and middle-class communities is needed more now by Coloradans than ever before. Voters should send Bennet back to the Senate for another term.”

  • Aspen Daily News: “Perhaps no moment resonated more with the voters in this area than seeing Bennet’s efforts — he delivered dozens of letters to President Joe Biden urging him to designate Camp Hale a national monument — come to fruition…We hope to see Bennet continue using bipartisan efforts to navigate the most effective pathways available to change — and simultaneously protect — the proverbial landscape, as well as the literal one, at a time when Americans need both.”

  • The Durango Herald: “One thing is undeniable about U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. The guy is a workhorse. An accidental politician, too. Maybe this is why he’s worked harder than many over 13-plus years with accomplishments that include improving broadband access through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, expanding the child tax credit for a year, and securing $4 billion for Colorado River water conservation in the Inflation Reduction Act. Items that hit home in the Southwest.”

  • The Journal: “Bennet also has a quiet body of work behind him. Serving on committees, helping constituents, negotiating policy and funding, and co-sponsoring – or putting his touch on – dozens of bills signed into law…Whether leading the pack or working behind the scenes, Bennet gets stuff done.”

  • El Semanario: “The Weekly Issue/El Semanario endorses Senator Bennet for another term because of his proven successes for Colorado. The recent Congressional approval of the Infrastructure Bill will provide $121 million to improve Colorado’s water infrastructure to provide clean water to our families. Of special interest to Latinos, is his support for the Child Tax Credit, which unfortunately has lapsed, but Senator Bennet is active in attempting to extend it because it was and is successful in helping reduce child poverty.”

  • Boulder Weekly: “He [Michael] supported the Inflation Reduction Act designed to address climate change and lower prescription drug, healthcare, and energy costs. Bennet is currently working on issues like the CORE Act, a land conservation and protection bill; the expanded Child Tax Credit to provide monthly payments to families with children; and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which aims to increase visas granted each year and provide workers with a pathway to citizenship.”

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