The Human Rights Campaign Endorses Senator Bennet’s Re-Election Campaign

News | Press Releases | 06.1.22

As Colorado’s Senator, Michael fights for policies that support LGBTQ+ people.

Today, the Human Rights Campaign PAC (HRC PAC), the largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group in the United States, announced its endorsement of Senator Michael Bennet’s re-election campaign. 

“Today marks the start of Pride Month and we are so pleased to see the HRC recognize Michael’s Senate campaign for his efforts in fighting for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community,” Bennet for Colorado spokesperson Georgina Beven said of the endorsement. “Coloradans need a representative that will fight in Congress to protect personal freedoms and as our US Senator, Michael will continue pushing for legislation that supports the equal rights of all Coloradans.”

Recently leaked documents showing the Supreme Court’s draft decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade has led groups to believe that overturning other federal rights, like same-sex marriage, could be next. With so much at stake this election year, Coloradans have an obligation this November to vote for pro-equality candidates like Michael who will fight for the rights and liberties of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Maintaining and expanding the pro-equality majority in the U.S. Senate is of utmost importance this November in order to defend the progress we’ve made and push for more,” HRC Interim President Joni Madison wrote in a statement about the group’s endorsement. “The first step toward growing that majority is to return this group of leaders, all of whom have shown a commitment to backing legislation that helps all people, regardless of their political orientation, to the Senate. They have been defenders of our democracy, and allies for marginalized communities.”

As a US Senator, Michael has fought for, and voted in favor of, policies that promote equality and protect individual freedoms for all Coloradans. He has long supported the Equality Act, a bill that would enshrine protections against discrimination for LGBTQ+ people, and cosponsored the bill again in 2021. Michael believes this bill is a fundamental way to protect LGBTQ+ communities from discrimination and will continue standing up for LGBTQ+ people in the Senate. 

Read more about Senator Bennet’s endorsement from the HRC PAC, here.



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