Final Push to the First in the Nation Primary

To: Bennet Supporters

From: Daniel Barash, Campaign Manager

Re: Final Push to the First in the Nation Primary

Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2020


We are exactly one week from the First in the Nation primary, and our goal is to exceed expectations and surge on February 11th.

While chaos emerged in Iowa last night, Michael was in New Hampshire holding a town hall and talking to voters. It goes without saying, the events of last night validated our New Hampshire-first approach.

The number of undecided voters at this time in the race is unprecedented, and voters are not convinced the leading candidates have what it takes to beat Trump. In short, the race is unsettled—even more so after the events of last night.

To achieve the strategic goals outlined in this memo—increase awareness faster, build momentum, and capitalize on the chaos in Iowa—we need more resources and capacity. The number one way to ensure more voters learn about Michael and his vision for the country is through paid advertising. Your continued contributions and support are the only way to make that possible, so New Hampshire can catapult Michael into Nevada, South Carolina, and Super Tuesday.

State of the Race

In the fall, our campaign made a strategic bet: We shifted our focus and resources to New Hampshire. 

We made this decision for several reasons:

  • As a number of candidates left New Hampshire to focus on Iowa, we identified an opening in the Granite State, which quickly proved strategic with an influx of prominent political endorsements and support.
  • Unlike Iowa, which requires millions of dollars to organize and compete in the caucus process, New Hampshire’s open primary values and rewards house-party-style politics, giving Michael the opportunity to hold town halls across the state and engage meaningfully with voters.
  • New Hampshire’s politics are similar to Colorado’s, almost evenly divided among Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. As the home to an open primary, where both Democrats and Independents vote, Granite Staters are looking for a candidate like Michael who has experience winning in a swing-state and an agenda that can appeal to a broad coalition of voters.
  • The Iowa caucus was bound to result in a muddled narrative, both because it took place amidst Super Bowl Sunday, the State of the Union, and the impeachment trial, and because it would present multiple “winners” for the first time in history due to new state party rules.

As we’ve seen in the last few months, momentum is building for Michael in New Hampshire.

Town Halls: Michael made a commitment to hold 50 town halls in the final 10 weeks leading up to the primary. As of last night, he has held 47 and will complete the pledge this week. Our crowds are bigger than ever, and his town hall strategy has garnered significant earned media across the state.

Endorsements: Michael has received a consistent and increasing number of endorsements—both nationally and locally—from famed Democratic strategist James Carville to eleven-term New Hampshire Representative Marjorie Smith. A full list of endorsements is here.

Press Coverage: Michael has earned significant press coverage in New Hampshire, from the Nashua Telegraph headline, “Bennet Has Plan to Move America Forward,” to the Keene Sentinel reporting that Michael’s town hall performance flipped uncommitted voters and voters committed to other candidates to support Michael.

TV & Digital Ads: Michael has run four ads on TV in New Hampshire, including his “final pitch” to Granite State voters that demonstrates—through his experience, agenda, and generation—why he is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump and start governing the country again. The other ads feature James Carville, our most viral tweet, and why Michael is the opposite of Donald Trump. We have also run an aggressive digital ad program, including a 14-part series, called “Just the Truth.”

Long-Game Perspective: Michael has said time and again that voters have not yet made up their minds, and he is going to be in New Hampshire when they do. We have budgeted judicially and strategically for this moment, and we have avoided the culling that pushed other talented and qualified candidates out of the race. Michael has a deep keel—he has maintained his integrity, values, policy ideas, and support throughout this race—which is exactly what the Democratic nominee will need to take on and defeat Donald Trump.

New Hampshire Strategy

We have three strategic goals over the next week:

  1. Continue to build Michael’s momentum across the state. In addition to larger crowds, more endorsements, and a greater number of identified supporters, Michael’s Real Deal agenda has gained attention as the progressive, paid-for, and popular platform that Democrats should be running on across the country. We need to continue to build this momentum through our field and press operations. This will require resources to knock doors, build events—such as the James Carville rally this upcoming Saturday—run persuasion campaigns in person and online, and reach people in every corner of the state.
  2. Give voters an opportunity to know Michael better—faster. Awareness of Michael, his experience outside politics and in the Senate, his record winning in a swing state, and his Real Deal agenda, has increased significantly since we turned our focus to New Hampshire. With only one week left, we need to dramatically increase this awareness at a much faster pace. The number one way to do that is through paid advertising. Michael’s ad featuring James Carville will run tonight before the State of the Union, and his “final pitch” ad to New Hampshire voters will air the evening of the upcoming debate. But this is not enough to break through—and our goal is to attain the funds to keep pushing these ads on the air.
  3. Capitalize on the chaos coming out of Iowa. The events of last night have created an even greater opening for Michael to fill. As voters continue to question whether the leading candidates can beat Trump, they will look for an alternative in New Hampshire. Michael is already in the state, ready to be that candidate. We will continue his town hall strategy and travel to every corner of the state over the next seven days.

How You Can Help

We are very grateful to our supporters, donors, and staff who have shown remarkable character, persistence, and commitment since we launched this campaign last May. To succeed in the next week, here’s what we need you to do:

  • Make a donation to our New Hampshire Advertising Fund. We need greater resources to keep our ads on the air, and this is the most direct way you can reach a large group of voters. Go to
  • Volunteer in New Hampshire. Volunteers are canvassing and helping build events in New Hampshire throughout the next week. You can come for as little or long as you are able. Sign up to volunteer here.
  • Call New Hampshire voters. If you can’t join us in the Granite State, you can make calls from anywhere. Sign up to phone bank from home here.

Please feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions. It’s now or never, and there’s no time to waste. Let’s make it count.



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Click on an option to get started. If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.