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About Michael

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Michael is running for president to build opportunity for every American and restore integrity to our government. He has demonstrated an ambitious vision for the future and the strength and experience to beat Trump in 2020.

Michael represents the State of Colorado in the Senate, but he has not spent a lifetime in politics. He turned around failing businesses in the private sector and improved outcomes for kids as superintendent of the Denver Public Schools. He’s relentlessly focused on building opportunity for the next generation. He’s viewed as a thoughtful and pragmatic voice and has won historically tough elections without compromising on his beliefs, core values, or positions on difficult issues. He lives in Denver with his wife, Susan Daggett, and their three daughters: Caroline, Halina, and Anne.

Michael has more experience winning tough races than anyone else running for president. He won elections in 2010 and 2016 — both difficult cycles for Democrats — in a state that is a third Republican, a third Independent, and a third Democrat. In 2010, he prevailed in a general election that saw Democrats lose races up and down the ballot as the Tea Party wave swept America. During that race, Michael said he would be willing to lose his seat over voting for the Affordable Care Act; rather than shy away from the issue, he held town halls in Colorado’s most conservative counties, defending his progressive position. In 2016, Michael won in areas of Colorado that Trump won, including Pueblo County, which he carried by nearly 10 percentage points. He won reelection with more votes than anyone in Colorado history.

Learn more about Michael by watching theJust the Truth” digital ad series, which was launched to share with voters his personal story, experiences in leadership and service, and motivations underlying his run for president. 

The Real Deal Agenda

The Real Deal is Michael’s comprehensive vision to make lasting progress for families and workers across the country. In contrast to the agendas of other candidates, The Real Deal is progressive, paid for, and widely popular among the American people. This is the political and policy blueprint that should guide our priorities for the next 20 years.

It represents a turning away from the politics of empty promises and can’t-do rhetoric, and instead imagines a world where we accomplish 15 key policies and transform the lives of millions of Americans.

The Real Deal is an agenda that Democrats up and down the ballot — in blue, purple, and red states — can run on to defeat Donald Trump, take back the Senate, and expand control in the House. 

It would cost about $6 trillion over the next decade — less than one-fifth of the cost of Medicare for All alone — and unlike other candidates, it is not paid for with a major middle-class tax hike.

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Press Highlights

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Recent Clips:

Top Highlights:

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San Francisco Chronicle: If Joe Biden’s Campaign Implodes, Michael Bennet Is Ready (September 2019) 

Washington Post: One Democrat Has the Nerve to Take on Bernie Sanders (May 2019)

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Watch & Listen:

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WBUR: Why Sen. Michael Bennet Is Running For President: ‘Washington Won’t Fix Itself’ (August 2019)

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MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell: Fighting Child Poverty (June 2019)

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What People Are Saying About Michael

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“Obama insisted that there were gifted Democratic politicians out there, but that many were new to the scene. He mentioned … Senator Michael Bennet, of Colorado.”

James Carville:The best way to beat Donald Trump is to show you’re not him in any way, shape or form. Senator Bennet has less in common with Donald Trump than any human being in the United States when it comes to worldview, priorities, and demeanor. Senator Bennet is the opposite of Trump and is the best Democrat to take him on. And Senator Bennet would be the best President of the United States, which is why I endorsed his campaign.”

Former Senator Gary Hart: “Michael Bennet has the intelligence, experience, and judgment to put our nation back on track at home and abroad. He has more than his share of intellectual resources and a lifetime of public service. Michael Bennet is the soul of integrity and will restore dignity and respect so badly lacking in the White House today and restore our nation’s honor in the world.”

Former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter: “Michael has the ideas, character, and unrelenting focus on ending politics as usual that we need in our next president. I appointed Michael to the Senate because of his ability to bring people together to get things done—especially in trying times—and I know he will bring this same strength to the presidency. Michael knows how to build the broad coalition we will need to win purple states like ours and others in 2020. Michael’s record in the Senate shows us the kind of leader he will be in the White House: one with the intellect, humility, and ability to make progress on our most pressing challenges.”

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper: “I’ve known Michael Bennet for more than two decades, and I’m proud to support him. He is a master of synthesizing complex issues and coming up with creative solutions that transcend the partisanship of our day.”

Des Moines Register Editorial Board: “Iowa caucusgoers … would be well-served to give Bennet more attention.  He offers a much-needed reality check on the promises candidates are offering and what it will take to accomplish meaningful change.”

New Hampshire Union Leader: “Another moderate contending for attention is U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado, who continues to impress here in New Hampshire….”

The Economist: “Mr Bennet’s ideas are a foil to [Elizabeth Warren’s]. They are just as rigorous and technocratic, but more rooted in pragmatism.” He is “the candidate perhaps most intellectually capable of challenging the party’s leftward creep.”

Boston Globe’s Scot Lehigh: “It’s not enough simply to win the presidency, [Bennet] stresses. Democrats need to hold the House and retake the Senate. That means creating a broad coalition for change, one that extends beyond the deep blue states. That’s a tough truth from this smart, thoughtful political pragmatist — a candidate who has yet to get the attention he deserves.”

Former Ohio Governor Richard Celeste: “Michael is about as grounded an individual who has devoted a life to public service as I have ever met. He’s real. He’s authentic. He’s passionate. He’s curious, a student of history and is a total contrast to the guy who is there now.”

Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chair and former DNC Chairman Don Fowler: “Even though many of us are meeting you for the first time, I think it’s clear you know all you need to know to be president of the United States.”

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser: As a constituent, colleague, and friend, I’ve seen first-hand how Colorado values inform everything Michael does. His public service is driven by a deep, progressive commitment to equity, justice, and the Rule of Law. That’s what Americans want in the White House after four years of failed leadership – and that’s why Michael has my vote.”

Washington Post’s George Will: “Bennet is too serious a person to be content in today’s Senate, and if Democrats are as serious as they say they are about defeating Donald Trump, Bennet should be their nominee.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: “[T]ake a closer look at Bennet’s résumé and skill set, and it becomes clear that he could be the answer to the question that every Democrat — from the far left to the methodical middle — is asking: Who can win this race? … In many ways, Bennet melds the best of the last two Democrats to win the White House, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.”



  • Democratic Strategist James Carville
  • Former General Chair of the DNC, Colorado Governor & Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Roy Romer
  • Former Presidential Candidate & Colorado Senator Gary Hart
  • U.S. Representative Jared Golden (D-ME)
  • Anti-Poverty Leader Billy Shore

New Hampshire

  • State Representative and Assistant Majority Floor Leader Michael Cahill
  • State Representative Marjorie Smith
  • State Representative Bob Backus
  • State Representative Joyce Fulweiler
  • State Representative Dave Luneau
  • State Representative Sherry Dutzy
  • State Representative Gary Woods
  • Former NH Department of Environmental Services Commissioner Tom Burack
  • Bow Selectman Harry Judd
  • Paul LeBlanc (Southern New Hampshire University President)
  • Lucy Hodder (UNH School of Law Professor & Former Legal Counsel to then-Governor Maggie Hassan)
  • Maria Law (Partner, Rath & Pignatelli)
  • Sheridan Brown (Attorney & Conservation Activist)
  • Rick Loeffler (Small Business Owner)
  • Pete Spanos (Local Activist)
  • Meryl Levin (Executive Director of Mill Falls Charter School)
  • Will Kanteres (Small Business Owner & Manchester Community Leader)
  • Claudia Damon (Former Concord School Board Chair)
  • David Ruedig (Former Concord School Board Chair)
  • Mary Ruedig (Local Activist)
  • Kyri Claflin (Retired Professor & Voting Rights Activist)
  • Mike Steinberg (CEO & Founder, Relyco)
  • Kathie Latham (Nashua Public School Teacher)
  • Molly Shaheen (Designer & Entrepreneur)
  • Nancy Vawter (Small Business Owner)
  • Dan Calegari (Manchester Community Leader)
  • Bruce Fox (Family Farmer)


  • Patrick White (Former Johnson County Attorney)
  • Henry Marquard (Local Activist)
  • Gary Guthrie (Farmer)
  • Kesho Scott (Grinnell College Professor & Local Activist)
  • Jeff Harris (Writer and Local Activist)
  • Jerome Michels (Small Business Owner & Local Activist)
  • Robert Bibbens (Local Activist)
  • Carol Ann Bartles (Bennet County Chair & Local Activist)
  • Brett Haddy (Bennet County Chair & Local Activist)
  • Sally Forrester (Bennet County Chair & Local Activist)
  • Brandi Helms (Bennet County Chair & Local Activist)
  • Kim Shadur (Bennet County Chair & Local Activist)
  • Jim Bernard (Bennet County Chair & Local Activist)
  • Mary Bernard (Bennet County Chair and Local Activist)
  • Craig Shadur (Doctor & Local Activist)
  • Lynn Marie Barbier (Local Activist)


  • Former Governor John Hickenlooper
  • Former Governor Bill Ritter
  • Attorney General Phil Weiser
  • Denver Mayor Michael Hancock
  • Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb
  • State Representative Matt Gray
  • State Representative Dylan Roberts

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