Russia hacked our democracy

And they continue to interfere now — seeking to divide us as a country. But Mitch McConnell refuses to bring bipartisan election security bills to a vote.

McConnell Photo by Gage Skidmore

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Learn more about Russia’s secretive and divisive social media disinformation campaign during the 2016 election — and the danger it continues to pose for 2020.

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About Michael Bennet

At the first presidential debate, Senator Michael Bennet was the only candidate on his debate stage to identify Russia as our greatest near-term threat. He initiated this project to ensure the American people understand the seriousness and consequences of Vladimir Putin’s effort to undermine our democracy and divide our country, so we can do something about it before it is too late for 2020.

What Else Can We Do

Forcing McConnell to take action to stop Russian interference is just the first step. Michael Bennet has a plan to secure our elections and defend democracy.

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