Restore American Values

Michael's Vision

America calls itself the land of opportunity. It doesn’t feel that way today. Wages are stagnant, costs are rising, and the economic inequality in our country is only growing worse. We need to build opportunity for every American. We need ambitious solutions to our country’s greatest challenges.

E pluribus unum: Out of many, one. As a country, we are at our best when we see ourselves in each other and see each other’s struggles as our own. We need to restore the American idea of pluralism—that despite our differences, we can treat everyone with respect and come together to solve problems.

We’re all aware of the images of violence in our society: the shootings, whether by criminals or those who are supposed to protect us; the students running out of schools; the widespread family trauma; the acts of outright terrorism. We’ve seen social media and cable news outlets tear us apart in areas where we should be able to work together. We’ve seen the constant acts of pettiness and cruelty from a president that seeks to divide us.

Restoring American values starts by undoing the damage wrought by the Trump Administration. Michael will reassert the importance of an independent judiciary and our respect for a free press; make clear that the federal government will protect Dreamers and end once and for all the practice of separating families; reverse the transgender military ban and the Muslim travel ban; condemn bigotry and hatred in all its forms; and undo other reckless decisions—large and small—the Trump Administration has made.

But reversing that damage is not enough. We have to work together to build a more perfect union. Michael will work to fix our broken immigration system, enact common-sense steps to end gun violence, and reform the criminal justice system—keeping communities safe by building trust between law enforcement and communities of color, while ending the scourge of mass incarceration. He also will fight to protect all Americans from discrimination, whether based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Michael also will reclaim U.S. global leadership on security, fair economic competition, and freedom. He will re-engage our allies and build coalitions of partners to protect against current threats, prepare for security challenges of the future, and advance American interests. By living out our core values of liberty, democracy, and the rule of law at home, we can inspire them abroad.

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